Celtic Britain

History of Celtic Britain Illustrated

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Archaeology is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of dug up material, in cultural items.

The archaeological record consists of artefacts, architecture, biofacts or Eco facts from cultural landscapes.

Using official digs to researchers, plot finds on a grid can build-up a full picture, is helping us learn as much as we can about their daily lives. The metal detector can add to this knowledge if they register their finds.

Some valuable finds help artefacts found in Britain between about 300 BC and 150 AD which have come to be known as,”Celtic Art”, continues to be used to describe a group of distinctively decorated objects found right across Europe during the later Iron Age and early Roman periods. The majority of Celtic Art objects are made of metal (including bronze, iron, silver and gold). Celtic coinage was designed with pure images and stylised meaning.

Many cromlechs are just large up-right stones with a larger flat stone resting over them, with Celtic remains removed.

This is all that remains of a large Celtic Tomb with all the earth mound removed, the artefacts now in a museum.

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