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About Mike Mumford and Mumford Books

A retired college lecturer in engineering, Mike Mumford describes himself as a visual person with an insatiable appetite for both acquiring and sharing knowledge. During a long and varied career, Mike has worked as an instructor at Rolls Royce and as a lecturer in mechanical engineering at Caernarfon Technical College. He has also set up and run a handmade crafts business on Anglesey and made his own pottery. He also edited and published Caernarfon – The Millennium Town, a softback book commissioned by Caernarfon Town Council. Having been a book collector for many decades, Mike started Mumford Books in 1999, selling both new and old books online. Mumford Books specialises in selling quality books: hard-to-find, first editions, many with illustrations and fine leather bindings. His energy, creativity and interest in history led him to start creating his own eBooks. All are fully illustrated and have limited text because Mike – who is dyslexic – believes that “the right picture can replace a thousand words”. Mike’s eBooks cover a wide range of subjects, including racing cars, clothing, fishing, flying, lifeboats, science and telephone history. After more than 30 years, the original Mumford Books website was retired in 2023, with the site getting a much-needed facelift. Mike’s eBooks business has now got its own dedicated website at Saturn Books, although many titles can also be found here on Mumford Books.

Please use our “Knowledge-Express Form”, for your feedback. My concept of using a “series of images” as a universal language and combining them with text for educational eBooks, has potential for the whole of Humanity. For all visual learners and can enhance understanding across cultures and languages. Combining images and text creates a more interactive and engaging experience compared to purely text based eBooks. We cater to readers of all ages and backgrounds, making the information more accessible. Most images are from my own collection of antiquarian new and old books, and with the help of the Internet, Google, Wikipedia, Quora, (not suitable for young viewers), a social short story publisher with a customer rated question-and-answer knowledge based, each is ranked by the viewer +/-. Look out for the many with the specialist web sites, Museums and Exhibitions. Humans to be adoptable to overcome their many harsh difficulties of living day by day. Each generation invents new materials and manufacturing techniques we all benefit from today. We are planning to include AI features like text-to-speech or with text descriptions for visually impaired readers, for most of our eBooks.