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Get a valuation from Mumford Books

How much is my book worth?

If you want to know how much that old book, magazine, print or photograph is worth, then I can help.

Please note that I will only offer valuations for items that are over 50 years old and out of print and that, for an accurate free valuation, I require the following information about a book:

  • full title;
  • author;
  • publisher;
  • publication date (for each volume where relevant);
  • type of binding (more modern books should have a dust cover);
  • condition.


For providing a valuation, condition is the most important factor. As a guide, I classify items as follows:

  • Good: without wear, cuts or stains;
  • Average: some wear, cuts or stains;
  • Poor: major defects, pages missing, pen or pencil marks.

How much will a valuation cost?

I offer free valuation and advice for one book, but charge for multiple valuations (see my scale of fees).

My 24 hour express valuations service costs just £3 and covers valuations of up to 5 books, or 1 set of books.

To use the express valuations service please click here.

All customers donating £3 will get a PayPal receipt and be redirected back to the valuations form below.

Otherwise, my fees are:

1% up to the value of £500 (minimum charge of £3)

0.5% from £500 up to £1000 (minimum charge of £3)

Any book above £1000 at a fixed charge of £5

Alternatively, in exchange for a book valued at £30, I will value 25 of your books for free.

Or I will give you up to 25 book valuations for £15.

How does the valuation service work?

This is how it works:

You send me a full description (including the condition).

I will send you my valuation fee based on the above scale of charges.

You pay by credit or debit card (via PayPal) or by cheque.

For security, I will require as a minimum the first line of your address and postcode.

Once payment is received, I will send you a current market valuation by return.

My valuation will be the price you can expect if you sell to a bookseller. It is a guide price only and I cannot guarantee that it will meet any selling price you have in mind.

It will, however, give you an accurate minimum selling price so you can then sell on, knowing you have a realistic target.

If you wish to offer a book to me to purchase, I will be happy to buy it if it suits my needs.

Please note that I only buy quality items.

All UK customers will also get details of two recommended booksellers in their area.

What else should I know about the valuation service?

If you wish to have more than one item evaluated then please submit each item separately.

Note that the valuation service is provided free of charge to customers solely on that basis. No other service or contract is implied.

Because of the high demand for free valuations, I cannot guarantee to answer all requests. Please remember this is a personal service for old quality books printed before 1970.

Valuation is based on the price you can expect from a book dealer.

I am constantly looking for good old second-hand books and am always pleased to hear from customers with collections or the odd damaged book/s worthy of repair.

How do I get a book valued?

Please complete the form below, providing details of the item you wish me to value, together with your contact details and relevant images. Thank you.