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1799 Atlas to Cruttwells Gazetteer 1st edition 26 Maps + 4 Volumes. Double folio 19 1/4 x 15 1/4 inches. Engravings by Neele.

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Cruttwells Gazetteer

Very rare complete set of 4 volumes plus Atlas to Cruttwells Gazetteer: Containing a Description of all the Empires, Kingdoms, States, Provinces, Cities, <p>Towns, Ports, Seas, Harbours, Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, and Capes in the then Known World.
<p>These maps form a complete general atlas, consisting of a series of geographical main locations, exhibiting the form and component parts of the globe; delineating the natural and political divisions of the empires, kingdoms, and states in the World, all with original outline colouring. I have constructed a NEW index 1-26 to facilitate the finding out the OLD NAMES of PLACE-NAMES of OLD COUNTRIES, lost and forgotten. It is fascinating to compare all the political changes that have taken us 200 hundred years to fight wars over.</p>
<p>Printed on early 18th Century wove paper with full margins as published in London. Contains centre crease, will mount and lie flat. All should be professionally mounted and would look stunning as a matching set. They are all beautifully engraved impressions, retaining all its fine hand-colouring and in excellent condition throughout. All minor tears can be hidden under mounts. These are prime, original examples of early Nineteenth Century cartography by English engraver Samuel John Neele (1758-1824). Each map shows how cartography was developing from an art into science. Copper line engravings on paper with original hand colour. A nice selection of late eighteenth century prints British publication by Clement Cruttwell, a publisher and surveyor from Bath. British maps were the best in the world in the late eighteenth century and these are good examples of this. Though quite attractive, these maps are among the earliest that can be said to have something of the  modern  feel of the maps that would follow through to the mid-nineteenth century.</p>
<p>1 The World two 9 inch (230mm) Globes Double folio, viz. Eastern and Western Hemisphere. America has only 1 dozen States or Countries, South America only 10, Europe 15, Asia 15, India was called Hindoostan and Australia called New Holland, Africa only 15, one part called Negroland. Prints caption: London as the Act directs, March 1st 1799 by G.G. & J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row. There are some slight creases, one tiny worm hole on papers edge minimum 0.375-1.50 inches border.</p>
<p>2 The World on Mercators Projection, exhibiting all the new Discoveries and the Tracts of different Circumnavigations. This double-folio map size 13.25 x 17.75 inches, with addition of 0.75 of an inch outer border, has the same information as in the two globes. Condition is very good, only 3 slight iron spots, the same two worm holes 3/16 in 1.0 inch border. Print dated March 1st 1799.</p>
<p>3 Europe has the same boundaries except for Germany, Poland, Hungary and Turkey. There are 5 more new countries out of the old. This is a double folio map size 13.25 x 15.25 inches. Condition is good, the same two worm holes 3/16 in 0.5 inch border. Print dated March 1st 1799.</p>
<p>4 Asia has the second biggest number of countries, with over 30 main ones still here today. Double folio Map size, 13.25 x 15.50 inches. Condition is good, the same two worm holes 3/16 in 1/2 inch border. Print dated March 1st 1799 5 Africa, has the biggest number of countries, over 40 with only the names changed. Each map is a double-folio size, 13.25 x 15.50 inches. Condition is very good, no worm hole in 0.75 inch border. Print dated March 1st 1799.</p>
<p>6 British America, Comprehending Canada, Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, most place names and states remain the same. Finely engraved sheet centred on Hudson Bay. The map extends south to include Lake Ontario and Erie, and north to the coast in the Beaufort Sea above Buffalo Lake. There is a tentative outlet to the Arctic Sea emanating from Hudson Bay. The map is filled with fascinating notations (an area west of Lake Winnipeg is noted The Climate of this Land is a great deal more temperat