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A Selection of Poems for Christmas (THIS BOOK IS NOW FOR SALE Ref: K1398bw10).


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Twelfth Month

Oh, sing of the snow!

But whisp the tale,

Of the winds thay blow

the fiercest gale;

Oh, laugh and be gay!

the roads are white;

Lets ride in a sleigh

till comes the night.

Then sing of the fire, but whisp the song

Of the vanished choir;

the birds since gone.

We must tune the lyre for Winter moods,

As the birds fly higher

to southern woods.

The Return of Jack Frost

Hurrah! Hurrah!, Jack Frost is here,

and chestnuts are ripe and brown!

For when he comes, and nights are clear

Thy open and tunble down.

Oh, you can tell when frost arrives,

He never fools, nor deceives;

He sifts white crystal from the skies,

And reddens the maple leaves.

And when you wake and all is white,

And snow-like for miles around;

Youll know that Jack was here last night,

And blew the heights; he sweeps the vales;

He loosens the turning leaves,

That swirl about in tiny gales;

and earth her own soon retrieves.

He stays awhile, then goes away,

But says Ill be here again,

And if youre good, some night I may

Draw fantastic fern and bough,

And mountains that no one knows;

So please dont peep, nor ask me how,

Or off go your pinky toes!

The Christmas Tree

Who doesnt like the odor

Of the Christmas spruce or pine;

The glint of soft snow-powder

Or the crimson pop-corn vine;

The golden stars of paper,

Or the many-coloured balls;

The little pink wax-taper;

Or the tinsel-spangled dolls?

The ropes of gold and silver,

In a maze of sparkling gauze;

The nebula of tinsel,

And a paper Santa Claus;

The striped canes of candy,

And the good old ginger-horse;

I think theyre fine and dandy,

And so do you, of course.

And, lo, beneath the big fir,

Ranged in circles by old lights;

The toys that are to soon stir

When they ask Whats that!

Whats this!

The Book of fairy story-

(Tisa goodly sight to see!)

Tis but an inventory

Of the good old Chritmas tree.


Thanks for the turkey,

Thanks for the bread;

Thanks for the mince-pie

And cranberries red;

Thanks for the spirit

Of Forefathers day,

That prompted the edict

For Thanksgiving Day.

Merry Christmas

Ring! Merry bells; peal forth the joys of Noel!

Sing! Gladsome hearts; unto On High a carol!

And thus, while reverence and praise weer voicing,

Shall the world again begin rejoicing;

And may the day be one of merry-making;

A day of giving, and a day of taking;

Not merely gifts of cost, but cheer unbounded,

More like unto the day the saviour founded,

And as we gather round the hearthside ingle,

Where lelends, tales and laughter intermingle,

Well may our hearts return to Him full


Well may we pause to think of this worlds


Of On Earth Peace, and to all mankind Good Will

( A promise which each one may help to fill).

So, Merry! For once, among the lowly kine,

Where Three Wise Men of Faith had found their way,

Lay Jesus. So herald loud Tis Christmas Day!

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