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A3 Print to Buy – This cartoon “Britannia Rules – EU Exit, GB Modernised World Trade Civil Service vs European Union Federation” MUM No.18.

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This cartoon “Britannia Rules – EU Exit, GB Modernised World Trade Civil Service vs European Union Federation” MUM 18 2017. Is based on a Judge Cartoon. Silly Senators. Secret Sessions. Colorful political satire! From1890.


I have transformed this 126 years old message to the present day.


We have a new Prime Minister, Theresa May, forming a new Brexit Government. There is plenty of catching up to do. Updating old and new Acts of Parliament, negotiating with the EU and the World for new trading terms. Watching the EURO, immigration and free movement of EU citizens. Our civil service must look at the best trading deals we can get from Europe. The EU have major problems of debt, unemployment and their own EU referendums: in or out?


Yes it is a massive task, Deloitte was right, Brexit is the most important action plan to get right.
Everyone should pool their skills to make Britain Great again.
We hear today HS2 is routed to go, so raise its roof and make it double-decked?
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Hillsborough’s working men and women have proved the PRESS, POLICE & POLITICIANS do make mistakes. Look for the long term, vote to LEAVE the EU.

There has to be controls and a stop to Civil Wars, how can this be done, by the United Nations Amy on the ground. the bombing of civilians just adds to the problems. The rule of Law and Order has to start with politicians working hard to solve the mess they have created.

The British people are proud of queuing for what they want. Here are three good reasons to LEAVE Europe. Sterling will continue to rise in value, GB values its own Law Makers, last but not lease, FULL control on immigration. For further details about this cartoon series, go to enjoy, not getting in-line.