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A3 Print to Buy – Why Choose a Strong British Government? Political evolution is at our doorstep. Wakeup to a people’s referendum. Un-controlled EU movement of labour has to be stopped, vote to leave Europe.

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MP Jo Cox RIP, we are horrified at a Life taken away from such a
talented Politician. Please vote for justice to be done.
The country is a divided Great Britain we should KNOW the facts.


There has been very little media attention to what is the current
position inside Europe?


As Europe’s frontiers have collapsed, the potential waves of
immigration are so huge that European leaders are now
contemplating alternatives other than fences and processing
camps. Perhaps they will choose to deal more muscularly with the source
of the problem rather than the aftermath, year on year.


In 2012, according to Eurostat, gross EU immigration to
Switzerland was 90,107.


This amounts to a gross inflow of 11.33 EU migrants per 1000 of
its population.


In comparison, gross EU migration to the UK was 157,554, but only
at a rate of 2.48 per 1000 of its population.


Norway, in the European Economic Area, also had a rate of gross EU
immigration far higher than the UK, with 7.38 EU migrants per 1000
of its population.


Trying to find the latest facts and projected numbers is
difficult, someone should be counting them.


The results of recent wars and unemployment will make the above
figures minuscule.


The UK should know the gross inflow of EU migrants per 1000 of its
population. (Plus from the rest of the World).


I challenge the government under “The Freedom of Information Act
2000” provides public access to this information.


The Public are not against CONTROLLED Immigration, but are against
the FREE-FOR-ALL-EU.The EU is committed to allowing ALL its members FREE access to
each other’s countries. What does this mean for the UK if we stay
in the EU, millions more economic migrants housed in overcrowded
shelters. Our council houses have been sold off, we cannot build
enough for our own people. The Tories will have to turn their
large houses into flats for the immigrants.

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Why Choose a Strong British Government? Political evolution is at our doorstep.
Un-controlled EU movement of labour has to be stopped. Wakeup to a people’s referendum, vote to leave Europe.
The German lead EU Federal States cannot take un-limited numbers of immigrants and refugees.
There has to be a balance between an ageing population and influx of immigrants.
Britain and Britannia have given us all the right to Vote, two World Wars for freedom, is now your birthright, Mr & Mrs  John Bull.
Crewe War Memorial sculpture arranged and executed by Walter Gilbert (1861-1946).