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American Revolutionary Wars 1775 & 1861 Free 30 Page Sample

American Revolutionary Wars 1775 & 1861 Free 30 Page Sample, with 70 full colour images.


All from original digital sourced material: Letters, Drawings, Paintings & Prints.

Part 1 FREE 30 page DOWNLOAD North American Early History: Introduction & Establishment of USA from 1776

Part 2 The American Civil War 1861-65: The Full Storey (sub-divided into 60 MB’s).

Part 3 Original Civil War Recruitment Posters, almost 50 examples.

Part 4 Letters, some transcripts in English, others in other European languages together with a few illustrated letter-heads. Over 50 sample letters.

Part 5 Original drawings matching contents of letters, almost 50 examples.

Part 6 Illustrated Envelopes to match letter-heads, over 100 examples.

Part 7 Iron Clad ex-Ferry Story the Naval Development from pre 1860 to 1914. From the first “Turreted Cannons”, Ship Design, Mines, Torpedoes, Submarines and Cannon Gun Development. Each Mumfordbooks eBook gives a free sample download suitable for all age groups. Every PDF eBook is divided into chapters, each with short texts with mostly original historical material images, where possible in full colour* (Mumfordbooks invites you to send in images via our web-site you wish to colour, the best judged and published on our Forum Page).

Information –

Each page is numbered and has a light watermark copyright protection. Each chapter is made for quick and easy downloads (some Parts may be sub-divided to keep within 50-60 MB limit).

The American Civil War was a civil war in the United States fought from 1861 to 1865. The Union faced secessionists in eleven Southern states grouped together as the Confederate States of America. The Union won the war, which remains the bloodiest in U.S. history. Each eBook has a free sample download suitable for all age groups. Every eBook is PDF, with chapters, short texts and mostly visual original material, where possible in full colour. Each page is numbered, and has a light watermark copyright protection. Chapters on: American Civil War Letters; Posters; Original Photographs; Drawings and Sketches; Coloured Prints, President Abraham Lincoln, High-Tech War, Photography, Telegraph, Railroads, Recruitment Posters, Infantry, Gunners, Mounted Infantry, Volunteer Riflemen, Fort Union Sketch, Andrew Jackson Nickell, 114 Regiment Company E, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, advisors and generals, Vicksburg, Army Rations, Hard Biscuit, Fresh Meat, Confederacy, Mississippi River, Union Dissolved January 1860, War started April 1861, Union Soldiers were Winning in 1864, Maps, Battles on Land, River and Sea, Amateur & Professional Artists, Letters Home, Publication in Local Newspapers, Battle of Gettysburg, Armstrong Large Cannon, Ex-Ferry Ironclad, New Development of Battleships, Underwater Mines, Submarines, Massive Destruction of Railroads, Bridges and Whole Towns, Women Spy’s, Illustrated Letters and Envelopes, On-the-Spot Drawings.

Additional information

American Revolutionary Wars 1775 & 1861 Free 30 Page Sample, with 70 full colour images. As both American Revolutionary Wars I have divided them into 3 major parts. PART I Early History & Establishment of USA from 1775, PART II Social & Political Changes 1861-65, and PART III Technical Inventions Social & Military 1861-1918.

All three parts 1-3 will have most of their content taken from Original source material, like Letters (some letters transcribed), Drawings, Prints and Photographs. We are lucky we have our own antiquarian books together with the worldwide web, to extend our research.

We use copyright free material and acknowledge any with their own web-site-hyperlink, and others already in the public domain, or with author’s permission.

We will be publishing a series of Black and White images in blocks of 50 per set.

The public are freely invited to choose one and digitally colour it.

You are invited to return your enhanced image where it will be judged in our Mumfordbooks Forum. All entries must be to a high standard to be published,

each colourist will have their name acknowledged. We recommend you download our free sample for Civil War Letters/Civil War 1860-65 to see first-hand the projected quality of our eBooks.