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FREE DOWNLOAD – NEW MUM23 Cartoon Ringing in Brexit 2020 a Celebration of our Independence from the EU. Rule Britannia: Open for World Trade

This cartoon is based on two cut-out drawings from 1953/54 Eagle Comics. The Tower Bridge with its open Bascule Bridge welcoming Rule Britannia 2020. Open for The Ringing in Brexit 2020, World Trade, our Commonwealth and Europe. Our second illustration shows how Big Ben and America’s Liberty Bell were made. A countdown clock will be projected on the outer walls of the government offices along with a light show.


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23 MUM’s-the-Word Political Cartoons based or inspired by old American Judge and Puck Cartoons. All Mumfordbooks British Cartoons are social and political comments, NOT part of any Party-Political Campaign. Any likeness is purely coincidental and fortuitous. OUT NOW downloadable PDF illustrated Political Cartoon eBooks and A4 political UK Prints for you to download and enjoy. Each full colour drawing show complicated industrial processes Great Britain exported all over the World. Mumfordbooks General Cutaway Illustrated: A selection of matched and paired Eagle Centres showing general engineering history from the pioneers to the late sixties. Many more, free Political Cartoon Samples downloads for you to enjoy. Our latest cartoon is based on Eagle Comic from the 1950’s. “The Tower Bridge” open for World Trade Business, building on the Commonwealth and European Trade. The Port of London has traded goods from all over the world since Roman Times. In the 1970’s we joined the Common Market, now the EU. Great progress was made to agree common rules. This was so we can continue to trade as equally as possible with the EU. While making new trading partners with the whole World.