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FREE Political Cartoon Movie Sample

FREE Political Cartoon Movie Sample

Mumfordbooks Political Cartoons, our visual manifesto to the British people.
Each unique cartoon tells its own story, based on United Kingdom, united to Scotland in 1707, divided by SNP politics and Brexit.

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Political Cartoons UK

Mumfordbooks Political Cartoons, our visual manifesto to the British people.
Each unique cartoon tells its own story, based on United Kingdom, united to Scotland in 1707, divided by SNP politics and Brexit.

MUM1 “John Bull’s Mother Scotland: Independent or United”. Nicola Sturgeon dresses in the Saltire “Scottish Flag”, shaking hands with John Bull, historical British Symbol, like Uncle Sam in America, with slogan “Be a smart Alec dressed in the best of both worlds”.
MUM2 is in A3 Landscape, a second manifesto “To Turn Around and Face the People: 8 Duties a Politician should sign up to and protect”. John Bull’s Vote for Democracy to Balance the Books, for all Citizens to Participate Equally. 1 Tax National Insurance: where to spend tax money wisely. 2 Health in Old Age: plan ahead for pensions and care. 3 Build affordable houses: Low rent for Low-paid Workers. 4 National Health Service for all age groups by qualified staff. 5 Law and Order: Control of Crime and Terrorism. 6 Provision for businesses to grow and prosper, work for the unemployed. 7 Bankers and Banks to be regulated by state owned good practice Banks. 8 Economics, Environment and Social Policy should all work together.
The Cartoons are available as downloadable prints, and any feedback to Mumfordbooks Forum would be useful. Downloads for your own use £1 each.
MUM3 political cartoon 1882 to 2015 showing World Trade Question Yes. Our 9 major European players: 1 The French (One for all, and all for one). 2 GB (Our British Lord). 3 Austria (Austrian Soldier). 4 Italy (Italian Partisan). 5 Turkey (Diplomat). 6 Greece (Labelled Greek Wine & Dine). 7 Germany (Expanding Mind). 8 Spain (Spanish Noble). 9 European Union (Merkel Candle).
With the Euro Crisis getting ever nearer, we should take a hard look at European History, with Brexit, Migrant EU Crisis, German CO2, Rising Sea Levels and Ocean Acidification.
MUM4 this political cartoon first published by PUCK 1888, New Text and layout added by Mumfordebooks Title: Core Values New Magna Carta 2015, Subject: No.4 Mum Political Cartoon Un-Official GB Labour Party. Dedication is in the spirit of the Magna Carta and to the new leader of the GB Labour Party. May they study their roots to help all the working-class people to fight for representation and a fair society for all.
MUM5 Memorandum, or Wishful Thinking every citizen in any country should be represented by their politician, have their best interests protected through fair and just taxation. To pass laws that promote good health, education and industry. Provide employment, with sustainable development, and protect the environment on land and water. Look at Nationalizing one bank, Taxing Aviation Fuel, Regulate water, gas and electricity, Food standards and GM food.
New Homes for the Low-Paid, Reducing our carbon Footprint. Border Controls, Global Warming, Disposal of waste for recycling, generating power from water, wind and sun, and prevent Micro-plastics in the food chain. Promotion and support of the United Nations Resolutions, financial contributions a minimum of 2% GNP.
MUM6-18 Britannia Rules-EU Exit, UK Acts of Parliament to EU Rules and Regulation. We can see good and bad in others, we forget to recognise or criticise ourselves, as it is harder to acknowledge our own shortcomings. That is why “Politics” is so important. We need a strong opposition to hear other people’s points of view, which is healthy for democracy, parliament and the country.
Major changes are required to reduce CO2 and NOx from fossil fuels used in all forms of transport, especially in AVIATION.

We need good social planning, building stronger houses to withstand high winds, typhoons and hurricanes. The extremes of our weather damage lives and property, and must be insured. Governments have a duty to plan taxation for the long term, to prevent river flooding and sea wall protection. We tax car fuel to help our planet. CO2 in our air and water is contributing to warm up the oceans. Some seas have dead areas with low amounts of oxygen with increased amounts of acidification. The melting of our polar ice and rising sea-levels will result in mass migration to higher ground, putting at risk many tropical islands and major cities. We are seeing large parts of Africa where millions of people are starving because of draught and civil war. Millions of desperate people cannot just move to Europe, or to other counties, when the local population will have to be cared for. There is great need to protect our cities and prevent mass migration.
While the cars are getting a bashing, aircraft fuel should be heavily taxed. That will help slow down global warming.

I realise the political cartoons are not “funny cartoons”. They are a warning to us all. By not correcting these major problems, we will make them worse.
These political cartoons started life in America in 1880’s, published by PUCK and JUDGE.

I have selected and redesigned these to relate them to the present time. Their message shows the public a political visual map.

After studying these cartoons, I recognised their potential to tell a political truth which is as true today as over a hundred years ago. A good subject for school history teachers to download and discuss with pupils. Free Download for teachers, see blue tab Contacts>Requests>Enjoy