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THIS BOOK MEASURES APPROX 5.5 X 8 INCHES WHICH HAS A BROWN COVER WITH LAWRENCE AND A ROUND EMBOSSED CIRCLE OF HIM ON A CAMEL IN DARK BROWN ON THE FRONT COVER WHICH IS A LITTLE WORN ROUND THE EDGES WITH SOME FOXING ON THE EDGES OF THE PAGES. IT HAS A NAME & ADDRESS INSIDE THE FRONT COVER WITH CHRISTMAS 1935 IT IS PUBLISHED BY THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS WITH 32 PAGES OF PLATES, 250 PAGES IN TOTAL. AN INTRODUCTORY NOTE BY A W LAWRENCE SAYS IT GIVES AN ACCURATE IDEA OF LAWRENCES LIFE. In the authors preface states FIFTEEN years ago, to satisfy the curiosity of a small circle of friends, I wrote a two-hundred-page story of my two and a half years association with Colonel Lawrence and his Arabs, It caused a slight sensation, especially when those who read Lawrences own story realized that I had, in fact, understated the adventures.
When Lawrence died, I determined to write my own story of his life, if only to clear away the foolish mysteries with which his name had been associated. I was half-way through my rough notes when the call came for the present book. It is written for youth, to give them a straightforward, simple account of the exploits of a wonderful Englishman, who himself was the spirit of youth and adventure.
I was in a position to watch Lawrence and his fellow officers, and the Arabs, in all their moods. I handled a large number of the dispatches that passed up and down the line.
As always, the watcher sees most of the game. Lawrence—to use the team example—was driven by the rest to be an extreme individualist. He appreciated the team spirit, but the others gave him very few passes, and spoilt many of his movements. Therefore, he had to cut in, dodge the opposition throughout the length of the field, and himself score the winning goal.
What the Allies team forgot then, and forget even now, is that he cut in to win for the team, and not for his own glory. Let the old ones shake their heads and say he wouldnt stick to the rules. I think youth will agree that he played the game.
Small amount of wear to cover, slight spotting to a few pages, otherwise, good. AN INTERESTING BOOK FOR A COLLECTOR. No original dust-cover, now with new clear plastic cover.