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No.2 1787 Parys Mining/Tails Side Framed Token/Boxed: Part of a unique series of token designs, depicting bridges and castles from North Wales

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This plaque is five times the size of the original Druid Token. Was first used as legal money in the late 18th century. At the start of the Industrial Revolution people were employed for the first time in large numbers. Mining was in isolated areas, and because there was a shortage of official coinage, tokens were introduced into Britain. The first large issuer was Thomas Williams, owner of copper mines in Anglesey and smelting-works and coining-presses in Birmingham. These same presses, converted to steam power by Matthew Boulton and James Watt, produced all the George III cartwheel pennies. This was the only time a private company made coins of the realm. Each plaque is 150mm round, waxed and burnished terracotta clay, fired to 1000 degrees, keyhole fixing. Framed 268mm Square Antique Type Frame, Centrally mounted in frame. This series of plaques are unique products made in Wales, press moulded, hand carved. Only available while stocks last. Designs are copyright, date-stamped, patent and manufactured by MRM 1976. These plaques are very special to me I designed and made them for 25 years. They are part of a unique series of token designs, depicting bridges and castles from North Wales. North Wales is blessed with history. I was fortunate to add my small part to it. Last framed plaque. Odd old design with loop available at £25, last two keyhole remaining. Production ended 10 years ago. Image colour may vary, due to hot waxing and burnishing.