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PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR MEN or anyone physically unfit.

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PROVIDED people are free from a physical handicap, no man or woman has any excuse if they complain of feeling physically unfit. It is a duty to everyone and to the nation to see that the physical and mental equipment of there body are always in perfect condition. Physical training, if followed persistently, leads to a healthy and muscular physical state, which in turn makes for a healthy mind. It means that the average person can do his daily job efficiently. It means good temper and a joyous outlook on life, and in the world of commerce it means promotion or advancement.
In the field of sport it brings successful results to the young person who is keen on playing sport, to the older well past the middle-aged state of life, who is still enthusiastic in the playing of a game of cricket or a round of golf.
The physical training exercises in this book will make the quest of this sense of well-being a pleasure and not a task, written for men, women can also benefit from this good advice.
A Sound Mind and a Sound BODY Vital Necessity for Proper Elimination of Waste Matter—Selected Exercises for promoting Process. Exercises Necessary for Attainment of Full Development and Great Strength.
Health, Development, and Strength.
Then how to achieve these aims, in particular relation, for the time being, to the body ? Here again, the reply in brief is: By thorough and perfect elimination, complete use of the entire muscular system, and certain special intensive exercises. For one man that suffers from abuse of the muscles by over-exertion if there be any such men there are millions suffering from their disuse. And we use the word suffering advisedly.
A man may be in a chronic state of ill health due to lack of exercise and general lassitude, and yet so used to his condition as to accept it as a state of normal health. He is ill only when be gets worse. He never compares his condition with that of bounding vitality and virility because either he has not known that standard of comparison or he has forgotten it. Were he told he was suffering he would deny it. But let a really fit man feel as he does for an hour, and the suffering would be pronounced. For our present purpose we take man to include all males from eighteen years onwards. While we have very fine athletes in this country, we are lacking, comparatively speaking, in brawn. Endurance we have, but sheer strength coupled with lightning speed is more rare than it need be.
First of all—health. Given sound organs, e.g. heart, lungs, kidneys, etc., before we can begin to build muscle we must ensure proper elimination.
Speaking generally, three good meals a day eaten with gusto but without greed will agree with a man if he sees to it that the waste material is fully and completely evacuated. For this purpose he must acquire strong abdominal muscles, and the acquisition of these entails exercises that give the large intestine the massage and movement necessary for its proper working, while the small intestine, the liver, the kidneys, and the entire digestive system are by these same exercises toned up and invigorated. Dont get the basic fitness right, then you will loose out at Lifes Olympics.