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1856-1880 Rare Original Bedford Photograph of Conway Castle, viewed looking towards the two Historical Bridges (paired with Welsh Lady, back-to-back)

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Dimensions 610 × 460 × 460 mm
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2, This photo shows Conway Castle a World Heritage Site. Measure 21cm by 15cm. This view has changed little over the last 120 years. Two old albumen photographs around 1880, back to back mounted on single page thin card. (paired with Welsh Lady, see Y734wc12) Is the work of Francis Bedford, 1816-1894, was one of the best known English landscape photographers of the wet-plate period. He worked extensively in the South West of England, the West Midlands and in Wales. Most of the negatives were taken after 1860. The few taken as late as the 1890s were the work of Bedford’s son. Card mount have slight crease on one corner, photograph perfect.
The ivy has been removed, the castle is now earning its keep. Stephensons first tubular bridge and Telfords supension bridge still stand witness to the constant queues of cars, todays age brings. A contrast to then not a cart or coach in sight. Can you find a single person hiding some where in the picture , can you guess or see where he is? The first correct answer to me, the prize a free set of 6 specialist postcards for the winner. (paired with Welsh Lady, see Y734wc12) Two old albumen photographs around 1856-1880, back to back mounted on single page thin card.
1, This photo shows a Welsh woman in traditional Welsh costume using a spinning wheel outside a small Welsh cottage. 21.5 cm by 14cm. This photograph is of a very high quality in the Welsh womans costume, showing clearly each pattern of clothing from apron to scarf. The symbolic spinning wheel of self sufficiency, contrasting the wealth of old age to the youth in rags. He better get weaving and learn a trade. A single purchase with Conway Castle, (see Y734wc12) Priced at £125.00 for both.