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Symmetries of Islamic Geometrical Patterns

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Full of geometric patterns of Islamic art. It has educational, aesthetic, cultural and practical. The central purpose of the book is to bring to the attention of the world in general and the people of the Islamic countries in particular, the potential of this art in the context of mathematical education. This book sets out to place the study of Islamic patterns within the wider framework of symmetry. The symmetry structure of about 250 Islamic patterns is presented. Simple algorithms suitable for modern computer graphics are given for the construction of two-dimensional periodic patterns. This book should be suitable for both the lay reader keen to explore Islamic art and the specialized mathematician. This is where the artist and the mathematician in Arab civilization have become one. All generations are my their nature creative, inventive, discoverers and with time a inner wisdom. This is a historic book for Islamic culture. It shows how Islamic patterns are relevant for the world of today in science, art, mathematics and nature. No one who cares about the re-generation of Islamic culture can afford to be without this book. It should be in every college, University and library worldwide. The first person to clearly identify the scientific merits of Islamic patterns and also to try to bring them to the attention of a wide audience was the brilliant scientist and communicator Jacob Bronowski. He did so first in a BBC TV series entitled The Ascent of Man which was shown in 1973 and subsequently in his book of the same title, published by Little Brown & Co., which appeared in 1974. He said:
The artist and mathematician in Arab civilization have become one. And I mean quite literally. These patterns [patterns of Alhambra] represent a high point of the Arab exploration of the subtleties and symmetries of space itself..
Enjoy this book and the many other books we hope to feature, including special digital limited edition A4 prints. This my last rare signed book. See my tribute to Jan AbasJan Abas died on 9th May 2009 please go to my HOME Tab Timeless Books..