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The Lifeboat: Courage on our coasts

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The Story of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) – a British charity that saves lives at sea.

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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution Is the charity that saves lives at sea. For nearly 200 years its volunteers have shown courage and selflessness in facing storm and shipwreck to offer assistance to those in need. Never taken for granted, these qualities of service transcend the centuries to ring as true now as in the earliest days of the lifeboats.
This unprecedented new book is a photographic celebration of everyday bravery, compassion, and outstanding commitment in the toughest of conditions. From the Cornish and Irish coasts to the Shetland Isles, we Join crewman and photographer Nigel Millard, and celebrated maritime author Huw Lewls-Jones, as they travel the length of Britain and Ireland, living and working with llfeboatmen and women and accompanying them on their rescue missions.
In 2012 alone some 7.964 people were rescued by lifeboat crews and a further 16,418 were assisted by the service’s new lifeguard units, with lifeboats launching on average almost 23 times a day. There are now some 235 stations around Britain and Ireland, with lifeboats ready to put to sea at a moment’s notice, day or night, rain or shine. This book honours the dedication of hard-working people who generously give their time to those in danger and their families who wait for news while the lifeboats are out – a visual tribute to the sea and those who go to it. All around our coasts, wherever sea meets the land, and every day of the year, the men and women of the RNLI are on duty’s call.
A stunning, specially commissioned, selection of over 300 photographs, made over the course of five years by professional photographer and crewman Nigel Millard, take us inside the RNLI as never before and provide a unique perspective on the modern Institution and record its enduring spirit of devotion, bravery, mental and physical strength and hard work for little reward.
Commencing on the Isle of Man – the birthplace of the RNLI – The Liftboat takes us on a clockwise circumnavigation of the British and Irish coasts. We meet lifesavers and fundraisers, we visit lifeboat stations and beaches, and learn of those legends awarded the service’s prestigious medals and of their dramatic rescues in unforgiving seas.