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Time and New Years Eve

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The ancient way of telling the time from the Stars. It`s almost hickory, hickory dock or the tick-tock, now connected to an Atomic-clock, the sidereal or star time clock was connected to mean-time-clock, all connected to the master-clock to the factory-clock, or synchronizing signals, time pips from the B.B.C. to Big Ben to Rugby, twice a day all over the World. Ships at sea keep strictly to their local time, known by the longitude they are in. The World Chart shows the local time at noon, when crossing the date line. The chronometers (clocks) keep very accurate G.M.T, thus checking the ships position..Single copies or choice of 1000s can be down loaded on request, own use only.</b We have alarge stock of colured Images, click on Requst Button for prints , we will try to supply your requirements.